I was asked the other day, “What sets House of Lemon apart?” and it really made me think about our industry and similar businesses. Discovering the distinctive edge of House of Lemon involves looking at our unique approach and core values. Below are a few key aspects that I believe truly set us apart!


I’m really proud of how House of Lemon operates differently from other live music and event consultancies. Even though I’ve had chances to expand and grow the business, I’ve chosen to keep it boutique and manageable. This lets me focus on building strong relationships with both clients and performers, which I find incredibly rewarding. I believe in paying my performers above the industry standard rates . I know their worth, and I see how being well-compensated makes them more motivated and happier which then leads to amazing performances that really wow our clients.

We go beyond offering competitive pay. We foster a supportive environment for our musicians and performers by ensuring clear communication, providing logistical support and meeting all their needs to deliver outstanding performances. It’s not just about the money; it’s about respect and professionalism. This approach helps us attract and retain top talent, ensuring our clients receive the best entertainment possible, leading to high recommendations and repeat business.

Client relationships are incredibly important to me. We go above and beyond to ensure every event is tailored to the client’s vision. This level of customisation is often more detailed and client-focused than the more standardised packages offered by many other companies. By really listening to our clients and understanding their needs, we can deliver unique and memorable events that exceed their expectations.

By focusing on quality and experience rather than just volume, I feel that we stand out from other businesses in the industry. We prioritise the unique impact of each event, making sure every performance is special and memorable. This holistic approach – recognising the importance of happy, well-supported performers and delighted clients – is a key part of our success at House of Lemon.

For a consultation ‘on the house’ about how we can help you make some incredible memories at your upcoming wedding event, drop me an email on Lucy@houseoflemon.co.uk or WhatsApp on 07753496308.

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