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Hello, I’m Lucy. I set up House of Lemon after years of working in the music industry in various roles – mainly running live music and entertainment events such as festival stages and music venues as well as managing bands. House of Lemon came about after realising how hard it is for people to book a high-quality band for their wedding or event. Other agencies offer hundreds of different bands but seem to have no filter when it comes to quality. After a few years of offering this service, clients started asking me for event planning help admin support – House of Lemon grew to a hub of live music, live events and lifestyle management.

I pride myself in supplying my clients with fantastic performers and musicians who make their living from recording and touring with established, well-known artists as well as playing at high-end events. Not only are our performers the best that money can buy – they are all charming, lovely people who make my office one of my favourite places to be. I get a real high from working on events, organisation, enhancing experiences and ensuring my clients have the best service possible. I have built up a little black book of amazing luxury suppliers, great brands and exciting people to work with.

2020 saw the launch of  ‘House of Lemon Academy’. The Academy is a one of a kind coaching and educational space for performers who want to break into live events. I have learnt the hard way using trial and error what it takes to succeed in the industry and understand exactly what you need to take you to where you want to be. The Academy will see myself and other industry experts sharing our experience and learnings to inspire you to go on and be successful in the live events and performance space. Keep an eye out for exciting courses, workshops and events that will educate & Inspire you to learn from the best, and put in the work to create the career you have always wanted.

I live in the countryside with my family and handful of cute pets. You can usually find me at gigs, walking in the forest with my dogs or working on my laptop, sipping coffee (and usually eating cake) in my favourite independent cafe.

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