There is no denying it. I’m missing events a lot at the moment. I miss making memories and helping clients make memories. I miss live music and I miss meeting new and interesting people. So I decided to put together some of the things I’m looking forward to when live events are back on again…⁣

Getting goosebumps listening to my bands soundchecking ⁣
Meeting old and new event professional buddies ⁣

The adrenaline buzz on the drive home from an epic event⁣
Hearing the clanging of a drum kit being set up⁣

Meeting clients for coffee and chatting about ideas and concepts for their events⁣
Typing up running orders for event day’s ⁣

Putting together song list ideas for clients⁣
Driving to beautiful venues for site visits with coffee in my hand and an epic playlist playing⁣

Watching a bride and groom doing their first dance
Taking a moment to stand still on the side of a dance floor, and inhale the magical energy in the room that I helped create.

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