I see myself as pretty lucky to work with such talented people, but more than talent, my musicians are also brilliant performers and bring so much more than just music to live events. Dos Tiempos are a fine example of this. I introduced these guys to each other a few years ago and just knew that they would be a perfect fit – musically and energetically. And I was right! Whoop! Dos Tiempos was formed and have brought so much fun to festivals, weddings and corporate events.

It’s hard to describe in words what these guys do but I’ll try. CJ is a drummer. He’s one of those drummers you can’t take your eyes off because you have no idea how he is actually doing what he is doing.  Ali is a DJ. But not one of those standard DJ’s, but a DJ who has more eclectic music than anyone I know. His library is full of such wonderful tunes some of which I’ve never come across but that are just fantastic and never fail to make people move. When he is mixing he puts his whole body into it and you can almost feel his energy from across the room. Together they are and explosion of beats, rhythm and vibe.


What Clients Have Said:

“Dos Tiempos were phenomenal, unique and put on the best night of live music I can remember being at! The blend of tracks being mixed to such a high standard from Ali creates an element of familiarity for the audience through dance, house and chart classics and gets them moving to those beats (tracks come on that you’ve not heard for years but instantly take you down memory lane and you know the words without fail), the drumming then takes it up a level and people just can’t help but dance as the duos enthusiasm pours out from behind the decks and drum kit. They are also great guys, very humble and accommodating and you can tell they simply love what they do. After seeing them live their Soundcloud mixes are now firm favorites on my playlists at home or out and about. You won’t be disappointed with these guys, the worst part of the night is when their set finishes, but then you get to realise you’ve just danced for 2 hours straight and witnessed something truly exceptional.”
Stuart Kinghorn, London

“The guys were amazing. They had the dancefloor full all night. Everyone loved them.”
Pippa Hitchman, Cowdray Polo Events

Ali was absolutely INCREDIBLE! He was so perfect with the audience and had them on their feet all night. He was undoubtedly the hit of the night. What an absolute gem. Can not that you enough. Was a fantastic party. Very happy customers indeed”
Doulla Croft, London


“ We heard them at Hampton court food show and thought they were excellent (you don’t normally see so many people dancing there)! ”
Felicity McLeod


“ Bringing the coolest vibe to the party was Dos Tiempos. Unpretentious and incredibly talented. We loved these guys and just wish we could have them playing in our garden every evening! ”
Liz Hughes



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