At last there is some hope in the events world – we have a roadmap of dates to look forward to when we can hopefully start working live again. And I can’t wait!

I miss making memories and helping clients make memories. I miss live music and I miss meeting new and interesting people.

But I also miss the little things…the sound of the drums clashing around during a soundcheck, meeting clients for coffee and chatting about ideas and concepts for their events and⁣ driving to beautiful venues for site visits with coffee in my hand and an epic playlist playing.

I miss typing up and printing off my event sheets before co-ordinating an event and I miss taking a moment to stand still on the side of a dance floor and inhale the magical energy in the room that I helped create.

I miss the blisters on my feet after a weekend of running around venues making sure everything is running smoothly (never thought I’d say that!) and I miss the adrenaline buzz I get on the late night drive home after an epic event.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel…live events…we will be reunited.⁣








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